July 1, 2021

What To Do After You Get Engaged

You’re engaged! Congratulations! But if you’re here, then you’re probably wondering what do do after you get engaged. Should you start planning your wedding immediately or bask in the newly-engaged glow? What are the most important things you need to take care of right away after saying “yes”?

We’ll walk you through a little post-engagement checklist, how you can kick-off wedding planning without overshadowing this exciting time, and some things you should put off for now.

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What To Do Immediately After You Get Engaged

1. Tell Your Family & Friends

If you’ve made it this far without telling anyone, you’re either a super-private person, or your self-control is outstanding! The first thing to do is create a plan with your fiancé for how you’ll break the news. You may want to call your closest family and friends or tell them in person. Group texts are fine, but you can make them feel more personal by including a photo or video from right after it happened so they feel included in the special moment.

2. Insure Your Ring

Getting your engagement ring insured as soon as possible should be of top priority. People who aren’t used to wearing rings may lose or misplace it without noticing. This is especially common on your honeymoon, and why you see so many beach-combers with metal detectors! Along with that, newly-created rings often have issues with loose diamonds, which could pop out when you least expect it. You can usually insure your ring for a very reasonable price as a rider on your existing homeowners or rental policy.

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3. Get Your Ring Sized

Unless your fiancé was able to snag your ring size before buying your engagement ring, you’ll likely need it sized to fit your finger. This is often included in the cost of purchase, so it’s best to return to where you bought the ring to have it done without voiding any warranty or guarantee.

4. Get a Manicure

If you’re the type that appreciates beautiful cuticles and a fresh coat of polish, you’ll want to get your fingers pampered, stat! Your hands will be the center of attention for the next couple weeks, and your new ring needs to take center-stage (not that chipped nail polish).

5. Take Some Time to Rest and Celebrate

You’ll have plenty on your plate over the next year or so. Now is the time to relish in this exciting moment and celebrate with your closest family and friends. Pop the bubbly and take a couple of weeks off! If you absolutely must start the planning process, do so by hunting for inspiration on Pinterest.

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What NOT To Do After Getting Engaged

1. Post the News on Social Media

Don’t get us wrong – posting a ring selfie on social media is a right of passage for most newly-engaged couples, and one you should definitely enjoy. That said, you may want to wait a few days to spread the news in that manner. Consider all the family members or friends who will be finding out about your engagement this way, and whether or not they’ll be upset. One workaround is to ask your parents or other close family members to spread the word for you. This may feel a little more intimate and less like they’re just “another Instagram follower.”

2. Choose Your Bridal Party

As excited as you might be to pop the question to your wing-woman, it’s best to hold off a bit. Before you make any decisions on your bridal party, you should discuss it with your fiancé. Traditionally, the Bride and Groom both have the same number of bridal party members. If this is a tradition you plan to stick to, you should plan your squad together. One of you may have 3 friends you’d like by your side, while the other has 6, and a compromise needs to be reached. As unpleasant as it sounds, you need to also consider the strength of these friendships. The last thing you want is to ask someone to be your bridesmaid only to have a falling out before the wedding or find out they aren’t supportive of your marriage.

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3. Choose Your Wedding Date

Some couples have a very specific date they plan to get married. It may be their dating or engagement anniversary, or another date of significance. If that isn’t you, we suggest holding off a bit from choosing your date. When you pick a wedding date first, you’re risking losing out on some amazing wedding venues. It’s best to tour venues first, figure out which one you love, then plan your date around their availability.

4. Attend a Bridal Show

It can be so temping to attend a bridal show as soon as you get engaged. And while it’s definitely fun, it can also be very overwhelming for someone who is new to wedding planning. You’ll probably snag some yummy cake samples, but you’ll also be asked “what’s your date?” and “where are you getting married?” by 100 different vendors. Their goal is to sell their products and services, and if you aren’t yet in the mindset to buy, it’s probably a waste of everyone’s time.

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This is Your Time

Remember that this moment only comes once in a lifetime. Don’t rush into planning too fast. Don’t commit to anything that other people want you to do. Don’t invite anyone until you have an actual guest list (and a budget!). And don’t forget to smile, say thank you, and just love on your fiancé. You’ve got this! And once you’re in the midst of planning, we sincerely hope you’ll come back and get in touch with us to see if we’re the right photographer for your wedding.

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