March 25, 2019

Wedding Photography Shot List

Whether you’ve just booked Cedar & Sage for the best day of your life, or you’ve selected another photography business, here is a checklist for some must-have photos from your wedding! Download our very own printable shot list below and make it your own!

Getting Ready Shots

Photos of the full bridal party are essential to the wedding photo collection! Most of the time, we assume that these photos are comprised of the bride getting makeup put on and details of the dress. There are actually lots of creative shots to include here! Depending on your wedding invitation design, feel free to show it off! Have your photography team arrange the invitation elements on a decorated table, and maybe include your rings or the bride’s veil!

Photos of the Bride

This is where photographers can let the bride shine! Gather all the bridesmaids and the bride’s side of the family, and let everyone have a moment with the bride. Sometimes we only think of a “first look” as being between a bride and groom. Try having a first look with the bridesmaids, or with the father of the bride!

The Groom’s Checklist

Just like the bride, the groom also gets his time! In an ideal situation, the wedding photography team would include two photographers taking pictures. This is where it’s most helpful! While one photographer is with the bride and other ladies getting ready, the other photographer can be with the guys catching fun moments with them! For a fun shot of the groom, grab a grandfather, father of the groom, and the groom himself for a “generational shot”.

The Bride & Groom

This is the time when you should have a first look moment! Keep it intimate, or share it with the photographers. It doesn’t always have to be captured on camera. There still are plenty of opportunities here to get beautiful shots of the bride and groom taking a private moment together amongst the hustle of their wedding day. Afterward, make sure you get plenty of photos with the family so mom has one to frame!

Ceremony Pictures

The entire point of the wedding is the ceremony, right? The joy of two beautiful people coming together to profess their love in front of friends and family. That would make the ceremony the most important part of a photographer’s job also. From the bride walking down the aisle to the vows to the first kiss, the photography team is there to capture it all. Another big benefit to having multiple team members is being able to shoot from different angles during the ceremony. For example, photographing both the bride AND the groom when the bride walks down the aisle!

Time to Party!

Even when everybody unwinds to have fun, the photographers are still making sure everything is on camera! There are tons of standard shots to take during this time, like the first dance and cutting the cake. Make sure your photography team gets plenty of photos of your guests enjoying themselves and details of the reception decor!

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