November 8, 2018

Our Story

Less than a year ago, you would have seen us as friendly competitors with photography studios. Yep, you read that right. In May of 2018, we were on the phone chatting, when Jacqui spontaneously asked “Hey what do you think about combining our businesses?” We talked for 3 hours that night about this crazy new idea, and instantly knew it would be a great fit.
About a month later, we made Cedar & Sage Studios, LLC an official photography business, and have been building our diverse portfolio ever since.

We talked for 3 hours that night about this crazy new idea, and instantly knew it would be a great fit.

From the beginning, our photography styles have always been in line with one another. We love natural, candid images that capture our clients’ true selves. Our hope is that they not only receive wonderful images, but also have a memorable experience as a whole. Our customers range from newborns to grandparents and everything in between.

Ever been curious where our name came from?

People have often asked us if one of us is Cedar & the other one Sage. If we’re really being honest, we just thought the words were pretty! We decided Cedar & Sage are words that really describe our light style and our love of outdoor photos!

One of the reasons we balance each other so well, starts with our background. We both had experience in weddings and family portraits, but Jacqui mainly photographed newborn and maternity sessions, and Kathryn had captured a lot of senior portraits. Combining our work portfolios was a huge reason we’re able to offer such a variety of photography services, unlike many other businesses in our industry.

How do customers book a session?

Every session begins with a click. Our customers schedule a session with us through our website, and from there we get to know our client and their specific needs. We research locations, check lighting, purchase props, and offer advice on what to wear, all while considering the ages and needs of those photographed. Contact us to check our availability!

Kathryn & Jacqui of Cedar & Sage Studios

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