May 28, 2019

Checklist for an Easy Family Session

You booked your family session. Yay! You’re excited to finally get those memories on the wall, but also nervous about how the session might actually go. We’ve all been there! Right now you’re probably thinking…What should I bring? What should we all wear? What if little Susie has a meltdown? What if little Johnny won’t look at the camera? We’ve created a checklist with some tips that will help ease your mind and prepare you for an easy session. Yes, we said easy!

What to Bring

Bring prepared ahead of time will ease some stress! Here is a list of things to bring to your session. Pro Tip: grab one bag specifically for the photo session and throw it all in!

  • Baby wipes for all the people. Pro Tip: These can be used no matter how old your kids are!
  • Snacks, but nothing too messy! Our favorite lighting is during the golden hour around sunset. This happens to fall during your dinner time. Plan accordingly with an early dinner or snacks.
  • Your child’s favorite lovey or blanket. Bringing these along is a great way to capture real family moments and they keep your little one comfortable.
  • Touch up makeup, lipstick and don’t forget a hairbrush! Pro Tip: It gets HOT in the summer here in Houston. A little powder touch up can work miracles mid session!
  • Bug Spray for the Texas sized mosquitoes. This is especially true for our clients in The Woodlands and Magnolia area.
  • Water bottles

What to Wear

Start with the most unique outfit that is a “must wear” and plan the others around it.

  • Neutral colors are ideal! Creams, grays, light pink and blue are all great. Avoid lots of busy patterns and big logos.
  • Is your photo session at a nearby park with lots of trees? Avoid wearing green in the spring and summer so you don’t blend in with the scenery.
  • Layer your clothing if weather permits.
  • When in doubt, iron it. Yes, it’s worth the extra effort!
  • Check the temperature a few days before the session and be sure to dress accordingly. The weather here in the Houston area can be unpredictable! We will check in with you a few days before the session to confirm your appointment.
  • Comfortable outfits are a must! If the kids comfortable in what they’re wearing, they won’t be happy during the session.
  • Coordinate your outfits. Don’t dress everyone exactly the same! Lay everyone’s outfits on your bed to see what it will look like all together. Do this a week before the session so you have time to shop around if needed.
  • Are you going to print your images to display somewhere? Where will they be in your home? Plan your outfit colors around the decor in your home.

What to Expect

Here are some things that you can expect from your photographer during your family session!

  • We bring a wagon to carry all of our gear and props in! This can be used for your stuff too while we move around the location. Kids can take a wagon ride back to the car once finished!
  • Noise makers are a must. Fun fact: we use dog toys sometimes! They are loud and will definitely get your kids’ attention.
  • Silly sounds from multiple people. Wait…what? Fake sneezing will generate lots of laughs! Especially with babies. Typically we will get Mom and Dad involved in some silly sounds with us.
  • Funny jokes for the bigger kids who are too cool for fake sneezing.
  • Easy posing directed by the photographer. No need to worry about where to put your hands. Relax! We’ve got this one!

Preparing for your family session can leave you a bit overwhelmed and we hope this checklist full of tips has eased your mind! Plan ahead so you have the first choice on dates and times, be prepared with what to bring and most importantly have some fun during your photo session! Just remember, the best images come from the candid moments. Contact your photographer with any questions or concerns. If there’s anything we can do to make your session go more smoothly, we are here to help!

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