October 18, 2022

5 Little Details That Will Make Your Wedding One to Remember

We’ve seen our fair share of weddings over the years. But as unique as each special day tries to be, there have been plenty of overused trends that couples use to try and make their day stand out. These have been widely popularized on Pinterest, ranging from black wedding dress parties to woodland fairy weddings.

Everyone may have different ideas as to what makes a wedding unique. What’s essential therefore are the little details. These small touches can help you leave an impression on your friends and family that they won’t soon forget. Read on to learn five ideas that will surely make your wedding one to remember.

Unique Wedding Favors

While not always necessary, wedding favors can come in all different shapes and sizes. One easy way to make your wedding favors truly special and memorable is to make them one-of-a-kind and personalized.

You have plenty of options if you’re coming up with ideas for wedding favors and want to make your special day stand out. You can give each guest something they can use later, such as a practical but personalized matchbook or a set of mason jar candles. You can even engrave your initials or wedding date on the favors to make them extra special.

Photography Opportunities

It’s normal to designate an official photographer with the task of capturing special moments during the wedding. Sometimes, however, only having one isn’t enough. That’s why our previous article on having two photographers details how the additional number is a small but guaranteed method to preserve more memories for the long run.

What if this number wasn’t just doubled? Suppose you’re the sentimental type that loves to collect photographs. In that case, you may want to look into specialty cameras like disposable film cameras, or instant film cameras like Polaroids. Providing these cameras to guests makes it possible for everyone to capture more casual moments from every perspective!

These specialty cameras can be used alongside professional photography. By the end of the wedding, guests and the happy couple can put their shots on a memory wall to enjoy the results.

DIY Photobooths

Photobooths can be costly to rent, and can have a standardized look that’s severely overdone. Hence, DIY photo booths are becoming hugely popular for couples to save money and better capture memories. Whether you’re aiming for fully-fledged flower walls or neon signage to showcase the theme of your wedding, the resulting photos can become a unique wedding favor too!

Meaningful Decorations

You have the food, drinks, vows, and the venue, but there are still a few things left to make your big day extra special and tie everything together. These are, of course, small but meaningful decorations.

For example, a garden theme can benefit from small plants such as flowers or cacti as your centerpieces. If you are indoors, including small personal or sentimental items in your flowers, such as pictures or pieces of jewelry that represent you and your partner, can amp up the romance.

Live Music

Many couples end up torn with choosing between live music or a DJ during the ceremony and reception. If music is an especially big part of your romance, then why not both? This will set the tone for the whole event, from when guests arrive to when they leave. You can have a special soundtrack to your big day, and enjoy that soundtrack with your partner and guests for years to come.

No two weddings are ever the same, as they reflect the personalities and traits of each couple. Hence, it’s the little details that make the wedding your own, and truly memorable.

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